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2014 NFL Power Rankings

Week:    1  

2014 Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Prev Change Team Record
1 NR
Denver Broncos 0-0
With Peyton Manning at the helm, we like the odds
2 NR
San Francisco 49ers 0-0
Harbaugh has talent to unseat champs
3 NR
Seattle Seahawks 0-0
Defending champions headed for a two-peat?
4 NR
Green Bay Packers 0-0
With Rodgers healthy, Pack pose NFC threat
5 NR
New England Patriots 0-0
Brady always has Pats in the hunt
6 NR
New Orleans Saints 0-0
Can the defense match the offense’s potency?
7 NR
Indianapolis Colts 0-0
With Luck, Colts want to take another step
8 NR
Philadelphia Eagles 0-0
How will offense cope without DeSean Jackson?
9 NR
Baltimore Ravens 0-0
Do Ravens' hopes ride on Ray Rice's future?
10 NR
Chicago Bears 0-0
If Cutler's healthy, are playoffs in the picture?
11 NR
San Diego Chargers 0-0
Defense will be key to playoff return
12 NR
Cincinnati Bengals 0-0
Is Andy Dalton ready for a starring role?
13 NR
Carolina Panthers 0-0
Can Cam Newton get the passing game going?
14 NR
Atlanta Falcons 0-0
Was last year's 4-12 mark a fluke?
15 NR
Houston Texans 0-0
Clowney and Watt spearhead defense
16 NR
Arizona Cardinals 0-0
Can Bruce Arians keep the Cardinals on pace?
17 NR
Miami Dolphins 0-0
Lots of reasons suggest Dolphins face long road
18 NR
St. Louis Rams 0-0
Sam Bradford still has a lot to prove at QB
19 NR
Kansas City Chiefs 0-0
Can Chiefs bounce back from playoff nightmare?
20 NR
Buffalo Bills 0-0
Does roster upgrade translate to success?
21 NR
New York Giants 0-0
Can Eli get enough help to be a contender?
22 NR
New York Jets 0-0
Can Rex Ryan do enough to stay off hot seat?
23 NR
Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0
Young defense will be key to success
24 NR
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0
What does Lovie Smith have in store?
25 NR
Dallas Cowboys 0-0
Disastrous defense will again be an issue
26 NR
Detroit Lions 0-0
Matthew Stafford must be better
27 NR
Minnesota Vikings 0-0
When does Teddy Bridgewater take over?
28 NR
Cleveland Browns 0-0
At least Johnny Football has league's top jersey
29 NR
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0
Are Jags better than a 4-win team?
30 NR
Tennessee Titans 0-0
Ken Whisenhunt has his work cut out
31 NR
Oakland Raiders 0-0
NFL's longest playoff drought continues
32 NR
Washington Redskins 0-0
RGIII and Jay Gruden must get offense rolling