Emery on Hard Knocks: There are better options than Chicago

On Tuesday, a report surfaced that the Bears were one of three teams on HBO and the NFL's short list for "Hard Knocks." NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the report was not accurate, but it's hard to ignore that the Bears would be a good option with their entertainment value.

During his pre-draft press conference on Thursday, Bears GM Phil Emery politely expressed why the league has some better opportunities for Hard Knocks.

"I think we have a great camp. We have great media. We have fan interest unlike any other city. I think this is the best NFL city in the league, bar none. I think our media is the best in the league, bar none. I think our coverage is outstanding.

"I think our fans love going to camp to find out more about our players, I think there’s a number of teams that don’t have as much attraction, have as big a base for whatever reasons, their population or their history, obviously, this is a tremendous, historic franchise.

"I think there will probably be other places that could benefit from it other than the Chicago Bears."

In short, there is enough coverage of the Bears' camp in Bourbonnais without HBO's cameras, though the Bears do fall in the category of a team that can be forced to comply — they have not made the playoffs in the previous two seasons and do not have a new head coach. If it happens, Emery said the team would have to comply.


“Ultimately, it’s the commissioner’s decision and whatever the commissioner decides we will abide by," he said.

-Kevin Fishbain

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