Jordan Lynch to work out privately for Bears

NIU's Jordan Lynch is hurried by Akron's Jatavis Brown on the opening drive against 
Akron during the homecoming game Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 in DeKalb.
NIU's Jordan Lynch is hurried by Akron's Jatavis Brown on the opening drive against Akron during the homecoming game Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 in DeKalb. — H. Rick Bamman -

There are days when Jordan Lynch waits for his cell phone to buzz, informing him that it's time to leave for practice, a weightlifting session or meeting with his Northern Illinois teammates.

For the first time in recent memory, though, the Heisman Trophy finalist has more free time on his hands. It's a strange concept for a football workaholic who has shifted his attention from running a team to preparing himself for next month's NFL Draft.

Lynch still works out and throws on a daily basis. But biding his time for another month has proved to be a balancing act for a prospect who has drawn attention from NFL teams both as a quarterback, defensive back and running back.

"I'm just enjoying my time to relax," Lynch said in a phone interview Thursday morning. "I haven't had that for the past year or so. So it's just relaxing just to hang out.

"But this whole process can be long at times and so you're always kind of looking forward to the next thing."

Lynch will work out privately for the Bears on April 18. The workout will be his first with an NFL team since the NFL Scouting Combine. The Chicago native said he and his agent have been in contact with between eight and 10 teams – half of which are considering him as a quarterback and the other half of which look at him to take on another role.

Lynch said Thursday that he will work out for the Bears as a quarterback, offering them a late-round option if they choose to address the need for a backup. The Bears currently have two quarterbacks on their roster between starter Jay Cutler and backup Jordan Palmer, who the Bears signed to a one-year deal on March 9.

Lynch said he is willing to do whatever a team needs just to get his foot in the door. But it's clear that he's banking on sticking with his current position despite plenty of chatter from analysts who maintain Lynch would be a better fit elsewhere.

"I know I'm a quarterback first and I think at the end, that's what I will end up playing (in the NFL)," Lynch said. "I feel like that's my best position, that's what I've been playing and that's what I've been proving people wrong with."

During his senior year at NIU, Lynch threw for 2,892 yards, 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He also ran for 1,920 yards and 23 touchdowns, averaging 137.1 yards per game on the ground. It's that versatility that he said could make him attractive to NFL teams – including the Bears.

Lynch met with the Bears at the Combine along with Oakland, Cincinnati, Miami and Cleveland. While he monitors league activity in which team may be in need of his services, he is focusing on his future.

Lynch will try to treat the Bears workout like just another chance to prove himself. He'll attempt to stay grounded with out getting "too jacked up." But he also knows there is a need after the Bears lost backup Josh McCown to free agency Tampa Bay last month, providing some urgency to put his skill set on full display later this month.

Lynch gets the sense the Bears will take a quarterback in the draft's later rounds and said that he may be among the handful of candidates the Bears may be considering.

"The way the NFL is going, it's moving to that dual-threat quarterback and a lot of teams are looking for that quarterback," Lynch said. "A lot of teams don't have it. But I can play quarterback, I can do the zone-option read. But I can also line up in the backfield, I can run down on special teams – there's just so much stuff I can do."

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