Young a gamble, but nice complement to Houston

I like the Willie Young signing as a clear upgrade over David Bass, Austen Lane and Cornelious Washington. Whether he's better than Trevor Scott or Corey Wootton remains to be seen. He is a nice complement to Lamarr Houston as they offer a completely different skill sets . Young appears to be a natural pass rusher with some real quick-twitch ability and excellent penetration skills, and arguably had his best game of his career last year against the Bears.

The downside is, like Houston, four years in, his production is minimal. If I hear about his quarterback hurries one more time I'm going to scream. It'd be great if he was playing horseshoes or hand grenades. It is a completely subjective measure kept by his own coaches and whether he actually hurried or impacted the play or just got close is an unknown. If it's that significant why were the Lions 23rd vs. the pass last year and 28th in sacks as a team?

More to the point, why did the Lions let him walk after his first year as a starter for the near bargain price the Bears paid? It's also worth noting he visited Jacksonville before choosing the Bears and the Jags chose Chris Clemons and Ziggy Hood over Young.

Finally and most importantly, is he better than Corey Wootton, who appears almost certain to be gone now but had more sacks in the second half of 2012 than Young has for his career?

Personally, I do like the kid and think he can rush the passer which the Bears need desperately. But in keeping with what seems to be Phil Emery's strategy in free agency this year, it's a gamble that the Bears will get out of him what he was unable to accomplish in Detroit.

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