Bears re-sign Dante Rosario, again

The strange back and forth with the Bears and tight end Dante Rosario continued on Thursday when the team re-signed him, per the league's transaction wire.

Rosario was going to be a free agent and first re-signed a one-year deal on Feb. 27. He was mysteriously released on Monday, and Phil Emery was asked about it during Wednesday's press conference.

“We released him, like we do with players. There’s a good chance he’ll come back like we do with players," he said. "There isn’t anything other than that, just a process we’re going through. It’s a very fluid period. We’ll work through it. We like Dante. It isn’t anything that he did. We released him; those reasons will remain internal. If we bring him back, those reasons’ll remain internal.”

Likely, some specifics in Rosario's contract forced the Bears to make the mulitple moves. He played in all 15 games last season and had one catch. Rosario, the Bears' No. 2 tight end, played in 17.2 percent of offensive snaps.

-Kevin Fishbain

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