Take 2: Jon Styf and Tom Musick face off about Jay Cutler

The Bears's Jay Cutler calls a play in the huddle during the first half in the NFC North title game Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 at Soldier Field.
The Bears's Jay Cutler calls a play in the huddle during the first half in the NFC North title game Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 at Soldier Field. — Erica Benson - [email protected]

Jay Cutler has yet to throw an interception during this NFL postseason. Sports editor Jon Styf and columnist Tom Musick discuss:  

Musick: I feel like such a jerk. The 3-year anniversary of Jay Cutler’s one and only playoff win is coming up on Thursday, and I haven’t bought him anything.  

Styf: I’m working on getting him a bolo tie. Philip Rivers got his from a guy named Ted WIlliams, who sent it to him. Now he’s made the tie famous again, similar to what Cutler has done for the Pick 6.    

Musick: Didn’t Ted Williams die like 10 years ago? Apparently, they didn’t freeze his bolo tie. Anyway, I’d like to think that Cutler would class it up for his postgame interview if he were playing this weekend. Double breasted suit, silk tie, thousand-dollar dress shoes, the whole deal.  

Styf: The reality is, as we know, that Jay isn’t playing this weekend. Eight teams with eight pretty good QBs are. The Bears seem to think Cutler is playoff-winner material. I am not so confident. Kristin can dress him up but she can’t make him make better decisions. The Bears just need to hope that Marc Trestman is Cutler’s Mike McCoy, who has help turn Rivers’ career around this season. Heck, he’s even making Eddie Royal look good this year.

Musick: Royal hasn’t enjoyed this much success at wide receiver since he was with Denver and some guy named Cutler was his quarterback. The same Cutler who has a Super Bowl closet but a mediocre résumé. But let’s go through the eight quarterbacks who reached the divisional round. Would you rank Cutler ahead of any of them? Rivers? Cam Newton? Colin Kaepernick? Andrew Luck?  

Styf: No. No. Maybe. And no. I am not sold on Kaepernick in different ways than Cutler, but he’s also thrown his share of duds this season. The other four are so much better than Cutler that it’s not worth talking about. Yes, Russell Wilson has reached that point already. I think that tells us what we need to know here. 

Musick: I would argue with you, except I think you’re right. I can tell you who disagrees, though: Phil Emery and Marc Trestman. They guaranteed three years and $54 million to their hot-and-cold quarterback, and if the deal doesn’t result in playoff wins during that three-year window, both the coach and general manager could be out the door along with Cutler four years from now.

Styf: If Jay’s as bad as I’m afraid he might be, both of us might get fired over this too. That’s just how the NFL works, got to clean house. Then we’d have more time to enjoy the finer things in life, like Dave Coulier’s humor.

Musick: He’s coming to the Raue Center, you know. Mark your calendar for next Saturday. The Bears are off that day, I checked.

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