Brandon Marshall: 'Jay will be back'

CHICAGO — We laughed Brandon Marshall off when he predicted Jay Cutler would miraculously recover from a torn groin in two weeks.

Well, he established a track record, and reminded us of that with his latest prediction.

“Jay will be back,” Marshall said after Sunday’s 33-28 season-ending loss to the Packers. “All the stories for the offseason, you guys can just put that at the bottom. Jay will be back.

“Just like I said Jay will be back from the groin injury, Jay will be back in a contract year."

Marshall said he didn’t have any “inside information,” other than to say Cutler is “a heck of a player, and that’s my quarterback.”

In his final game of the season, Cutler completed 15-of-24 passes for 226 yards, two touchdowns and an interception on the final play of the game: a desperation heave to the end zone. He had a passer rating of 103.8, his highest-ever against the Packers.

Cutler will be topic No. 1 when the offseason officially begins on Monday.

“I think we’ll deal with that later in the week. Right now, [I’m] kind of living in the moment,” he said when asked about his contract situation. “I’m a little upset about the game and how it went. This locker room is never going to be the same. Miss some guys. Some guys are going to leave. Some guys are going to stay. It’s part of the business.”

Cutler finished the season with a passer rating of 89.2, which is a career-high, and a completion percentage of 63.1, his best since 2007. 

“I can only imagine where he’s going to be and where our unit will be next year,” Marshall said.

And if you ask Cutler’s favorite receiver, we should know where Cutler will be: he’ll be back…in Chicago.

-Kevin Fishbain

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