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Cutler confident with new coach

Chicago's Jay Cutler warms up on the field before Thursday's game against the New York Giants Thursday, October 10, 2013 at Soldier Field in Chicago. (Sarah Nader -

Jay Cutler offered a six-word answer Thursday when asked why he had struggled during his career against the Green Bay Packers.

“We weren’t as good on offense,” Cutler said.

No offense, Mike Martz.

Or Mike Tice.

Or J’Marcus Webb.

Or Kellen Davis or Frank Omiyale or Shane Day or Jeremy Bates or Chris Williams or anyone else who played or coached during Cutler’s 1-7 record against Green Bay.

But now comes the latest, most important rivalry game of Cutler’s tenure. His teammates are more talented than ever before, and he has an offensive-minded coach who has lifted the Bears to No. 8 in total offense and No. 3 in points scored.

"He calls a play and it works," Cutler said of Trestman. "He’s hitting the coverages on the head. If we’ve got a Cover-3 play, we’re getting Cover-3. If we’ve got a man play, we’re getting man. He’s not calling Cover-2 beaters and we’re catching man, or vice versa. He’s got a good feel for defenses and he’s making sure we have answers."

Maybe that’s why Cutler doesn’t see Sunday’s game as resting fully on his shoulders.

“It’s going to take all of us to win this game,” Cutler said. “This isn’t a personal game for anybody in that locker room. It’s all of us together.”

In his career, Cutler has thrown 9 touchdowns and 16 interceptions against the Packers. His career passer rating against Green Bay is 61.5.

Cutler has found success in Trestman’s offense this season. But he said he expected adversity on Sunday, and the key would be how the Bears responded to tough times.

“Every game is a different story,” Cutler said. “We don’t know how it’s going to turn out. We could go out there and have to punt the first couple drives and then get it going. We could start out hot. We’ve just got to stay in it for all four quarters, offense, defense, special teams all doing their jobs.”

-Tom Musick