Trestman optimistic for Cutler's return on Sunday

LAKE FOREST — All signs are pointing to Jay Cutler starting on Sunday against the Browns. 

Marc Trestman said Cutler will work out Wednesday afternoon, and if all goes well, the Bears will know who is starting by Thursday, so that signalcaller can get the full workload in the two practices.

“I anticipate the workout will be a good one," Trestman said. "We have the extra day. I want to make that clear: we have the extra day. I just want to make sure we’re giving ourselves all the time necessary. We don’t have to make a decision today so we’re not going to. But tomorrow we will, because we have to.”

Doctors have cleared Cutler to the standpoint where he can work at full speed and the coaches can evaluate how it looks Wednesday, Trestman said, adding that he is optimistic all will go as planned, which means Cutler would return to the starting spot, though he still wouldn't announce anything until Thursday.

"..But I’ve got to leave it open because we’re working him out today and so I feel like today, as long as we see, and he feels good, I anticipate that we’ll be moving forward tomorrow," he said.

Cutler suffered a high ankle sprain against the Lions on Nov. 10, which was his first game back after tearing his groin on Oct. 20.

-Kevin Fishbain

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