Bostic fined $21,000 for hit

Updated 12:33 p.m. ET on Wednesday

Rookie linebacker Jon Bostic's big hit on Thursday night against the Chargers is going to cost him.

Lance Briggs tweeted Wednesday morning that the league fined Bostic $21,000 for his hit on Chargers wide receiver Mike Willie. Bostic was not penalized on the play.

"Shaking my head moment. Nfl fines jon bostic 21k for his clean hit against Chargers," Briggs tweeted.

Bostic lowered the crown of his helmet into the chest of Willie, dislodging the football. According to a source, Bostic was not fined for the new "crown of the helmet rule." Instead, Bostic was docked for lowering his head against a defenseless player.

The hit was a violation of Rule 12, Section 2, Article 7 (b) (2), which states that prohibited contact against a player who is in a defenseless position is:

"Lowering the head and making forcible contact with the top/crown or forehead/"hairline" parts of the helmet against any part of the defenseless player's body..."

Bostic can appeal the fine. His bsae salary for this season is $405,000.

The NFL's website has a link to the Bostic hit, which it called "spectacular." The title of the video changed Wednesday morning, but the URL still states the original descriptor as "spectacular."

-Kevin Fishbain

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